Navigating change can be tough. But there are short-cuts. For a smooth transition to new ways of working, RIO provides a step-by-step solution that balances the seemingly contradictory priorities of space optimization, team interaction, and employee well-being. The most important asset to every organization is its people. Regrettably, many of today’s workplaces aren’t tailored to support the way people would like to work. Existing solutions either have a limited scope, require intense IT involvement, or cost a fortune to implement. We decided to change all that.


The RIO concept – subscription-based and easy to use – works on three levels. All three together foster better performance, engagement, well-being, and ultimately greater gains for all. You can combine them. Each one can also be implemented independently of the others.

All in all it is a significant contribution to a human-centered workplace, providing the services both organizations and people need to prosper. With a minimum of effort and investment!

Your in-site ‘search engine’

All the information you need to navigate workspace – at your fingertips: Book rooms, desks and parking. Connect with co-workers. Track printers and other company resources. In a heartbeat!

Your ‘PT at work’

What good are height-adjustable desks if no one uses them? RIO Wellness caters to employee well-being by reminding them to vary work posture according to individually set goals. Like a personal trainer but more discrete.

Perform a ‘space audit’

See how office space and resources really are used, get actionable utilization reports customized to your needs and use insights to optimize space.


Experience the benefits of RIO – start your trail today!

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