The Art concept gives you full access to our development resources – designers, engineers, material and production technicians. Under the guidance of our experienced project managers, we help you create a new design that will be the talk of the office.

ART 55°

The 55 Stand is a break from convention, bringing in a whole new design. The traditional base is replaced with a diagonal strut, which placed high on the table leg, offers great stability. This airy solution helps to open up a room and give a feeling of more light and space. We’ve also left an opportunity for a playful touch, as the base can be painted in a contrasting color to that of the inner tubes.

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This height adjustable work desk has slender dimensions which makes it suitable also in a work place at home. The desk carries its own personality with a shape that connects it to archetypical work desks. This stand has a integrated cable tray for hidden cable management.

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With its enclosed sides, W-Stand rises with a quiet strength and natural elegance defining the user’s space in the room. Functionally and aesthetically this is an advanced stand with contemporary lines and a proud ergonomic pedigree.

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